"Adult Stories" Exam time

Adult Stories Exam time
If you have read some of my stories before you will know I like to tell you a little about myself first, so people might understand where I am coming from with regards to this story and others, and as in some stories I like to share a password to an album so you can also see what I look like and get a better picture of the story and myself.

2nd Album…..just having a drink or two is….tina2

A little about myself, I am Tina Jones , I am nearly 50, married with two sons age 19 and 22.
I met my husband at 25 and married a year later, he has been the only man I have been with and they only man to have seen me naked, except for a doctor of course.

We have had what I would call a normal life, a semi detached home, hardly ever went out or go to parties, and for the point of this story, a normal sex life, nothing kinky and never really tried anything new, all down to me of course, I have never been that highly sexed throughout my life, and I now have these panic attacks, mainly centred round travelling and life had become a little tedious now that our two sons have left home.

I have always been a big lady from my early teens and have large breasts to go with my big frame.

Our youngest son had a few friends that came and went over the years, one I suppose you could say has been a friend of his since they were about 4 or 5.

His name is Jason, he is not what you would call good looking, skinny with a few spots around his face and looked a lot younger than his age and has always been very quiet if not shy, and as he grew older shown that he was quite bright and over the years as he grew up he would always help me or my son understand things like the lap top or a new phone we got.

The last couple of years have flown by and our eldest son left home to move in with his girlfriend and some 9 months ago our youngest son left for college some 200 miles away studying History, at the same time Jason also left for college and was shocked to discover that he had enrolled in a 5 year course in medicine, you could just tell he was bright and felt proud of him as if he was my own son.

He was at a college some 20 miles away so we would still see him most weekends, unlike our own two sons.
With our son some 200 miles away we would only see him at the end of term as I have said; I don’t like to travel, well not far anyway.

Then the event I wish to tell you about came about, as you adults know, us women have a pelvic exam, a Pap smear test, for some once a year, for me it is about every 3 years and also a mammogram, sometimes have a breast assessment. 

Our hospital is only 9 or 10 miles away but that still sets off my panic attacks in me, so much so that I needed my husband to take a day off work to come with me, if at all I could make it.
I made it to the hospital on the day but I was off to the bathroom every few minutes while I waited for my turn, I just hate being in a hospital and couldn’t wait to go home.

A few women had gone in and a few more came to the waiting area when the doctor came out saying that it was my turn but had a question to ask first, would I be willing to allow a few students to come in as part of their course work, it was okay if I didn’t want to but they do this all the time, I declined, just saying, “No, sorry”.

In my head I thought, I didn’t want some young students looking at my pussy.

“That’s okay Mrs Jones”, he said but added that they only had a short window of opportunity with them and moved along to ask the next lady if she minded, she also declined, by now I felt myself going, the start of a panic attack, I just couldn’t stay in this hospital any longer so before he could ask the next lady I spoke up and said okay, lets get on with it.

I was then taken through some doors, but my husband was not allowed to come with me so he had to wait where he was, I already had my robe on and a nurse showed me into a room, I had done this a few times before so new what to expect.

The nurse helped onto the chair, where she parted my legs, placing them on the footrests, I lay back, my pussy now fully exposed.

I heard voices and the doctor with his students came into the room, I looked away, looked at the ceiling, things around the room, anything to take my mind off this.

The doctor continued to talk to his students as if I was just a dummy and not a real person, as if was not there.

I couldn’t look away any longer; I looked at some of the students, that is when I noticed Jason, I was lost for words, my mouth open, that is when Jason finally took his eyes off my pussy and noticed me, he too looked shocked to see me, he moved his gloved hand up to his face, and motioned to me secretly a shhhhhh.

I was embarrassed, I didn’t want to let anyone know that he was my sons friend, a lad I had watched grown up from the age of 4 or 5 and then I thought about him, if his fellow students found out I was his best friends mum, they might ridicule him at college, he might get picked on, bullied like he had been for most of his young life, I stayed quiet.

I started to look at all the other students, trying not to look at Jason, there was 5 students, 1 girl and 4 lads, the girl looked about 25, one lad looked about 23 but the three other lads looked only 19 with Jason looking the youngest.

The doctor had the students come in closer as he parted my pussy lips, talking all the time, he then inserted his gloved finger into my pussy, slowly pushing it all the way in before he turned it letting them all know what to look for, he then again parted my lips exposing my clit and pointing out various parts the vagina, my vagina.

He then asked a student to move forward and asking me that if it was okay, I was in a world of my own and had no idea what he just asked, I just said, “Okay”.

The girl moved forward and she then opened my pussy before inserting a gloved finger into my pussy and she did exactly what the doctor had done.

Then it was the turn of the older lad, again I was trying everything to take my mind off all this when it was the turn of one of the younger students, I looked down at him, noticing how young he looked.

As this young student touched my pussy lips I felt something stir inside me, I quickly looked away and again tried to think of something else, then it was the turn of Jason, I looked down at his face, he quickly looked up at me, at that moment I new he was very nervous, he was almost shaking and new it was all down to it being me. 

As he parted my pussy he quickly put his finger in me, maybe too quickly as the doctor said something to him, I did not here much of what was said, I only heard Jason say, “Sorry”.
Finally the last student had his turn and in a blur it was over.

I dressed before I met my husband and we headed home, he new something was wrong with me as I was not talking, something I always do when we are travelling to take my mind off the journey.

I new he would not let it go so I told him, I told him that Jason was one of the students, he laughed, and then laughed some more, I didn’t speak any more until we got home.

Later on my husband brought it up again, laughing he said he could still not believe that young Jason had seen my pussy, he continued to laugh and he annoyed me, I left for bed early.

After a few days, the shock, the embarrassment had gone and by the weekend I must also admit that I did have a naughty dream after my husband had gotten up early to go fishing, but that’s another story.

Another week went by and at the weekend Jason came round to see us, at first I think we both felt awkward, I left him talking to my husband as I went to make a drink, I could still clearly hear them talking and noticed that gone was the shy insecure lad, and here he was now more confident and open Jason.

My husband, being the arse he has been lately said to Jason, “So you have seen Tina’s pussy?”, I did not hear an answer, my husband then went on to ask, “What did you think, did you like it, do you like a hairy pussy?”, and he laughed. 

Jason then said, “It was okay, he liked it, and that he prefers some hair on a pussy, likes them to look natural”.

I entered with the drinks to put a stop to that conversation and Jason soon left afterwards.
A few weeks went by, I had a letter for my breast examination, but after what had happened last time at the hospital I was feeling sicker with my panic attacks and just didn’t want to go.
It was the weekend and later that week was my appointment for my breast exam, my husband had gone fishing again, when Jason came round, I told him where my husband was and we sat down in the kitchen having a chat.

Eventually my mind stated to wonder, I was looking at Jason, to me he was still this shy, quiet, young skinny little lad I had known most of my life, I imagined him looking at my pussy, opening my pussy up, putting his fingers inside me, and wondered if he too was looking at me, remembering what my pussy looked like, remembering putting his fingers inside me, needless to say I started to get aroused.

He then mentioned the examination a few weeks ago and said he will never tell anyone, and hoped I was not too embarrassed as he was on that day, saying that he had messed up, I told him not to be silly, and one day he would be a doctor, so it was all good between us.
I then told him about my breast exam next week, I said joking, “I hope there would not be students there”, and we both laughed, he told that he wouldn’t be there and that he had already done that part of the course, I then told him that it was okay as I will not be going, I explained that I was feeling bad about it and he new about my panic attacks but he told me I needed to go.

We chatted some more before Jason said that if it was okay with me, he would give me a quick exam, he said that he had already seen a much more private part of me than my breasts and that he might soon be a junior doctor and repeated that he had already done part of breast examination.

I said, “No, it was okay”, and that I thought it just didn’t seem right, to which he sort of agreed.

It was then that I started to get the beginning feelings of arousal, and quickly before he changed the subject I said maybe you could give me a quick check over and that he would soon be a doctor so it seemed okay.

I quickly looked at the clock, it was okay, my husband would not be home for at least another 6 hours, I then said not here, not down stairs, so we went up stairs to my bedroom.
I undid the buttons on my blouse and took it of, standing there in front of Jason I said, “I will do this but you must promise not to tell my husband or anyone else, it is our secret”, he agreed immediately.

He stood there staring at me as I undid the back of my bra, I looked at him, this still young looking man, skinny and still with those spots on his face, it was the same Jason that only a year ago was in my sons bedroom playing on his console as I brought them drinks, and now here I was undoing my bra and about to expose my breasts to him, to his touch, it was then that I realised that he did not have any gloves on as would be the normal thing but understood that he was not expecting to be handling my breasts today so I did not say anything.

I dropped my bra on the bed and stood still, I was staring into his eyes as he took in my breasts, I said, “Sorry about my breasts, they droop and sag now”, to which he relied that it was okay and that they were just perfectly natural, as they should be, I felt a lot better after he said that.

He stepped forward and placed his hand at the bottom of my saggy breast and lifted it, squeezing and sort of fondling it, he placed his other hand at the top of my breast and felt around, all the time having a good hold of my breast with his other hand, I did not take my eyes off his eyes as he was doing this, I was loving every moment of this as my thoughts were that he was not a doctor, he was just a young lad, my sons friend who was holding and squeezing my breast and I started to feel aroused again. 

All too soon he moved onto my other breast and did the same with that one.
After a couple of minutes of feeling my breasts he stopped and said that now he had to check my nipples and areola.

He again lifted a breasts and felt around my nipple, he then squeezed and sort of pinched my nipple making it hard, holding my breast quite firmly he brushed his finger over my nipple a few more times as if it was foreplay making my nipple rock hard, I was by now extremely aroused and couldn’t wait for him to go so I could masturbate, he took hold of my other breast and did the same to that one.

Finally he stopped and said they looked fine to him, but felt I still needed to keep my appointment next week, It would be best if a more experienced doctor did the test, I thought, the cheeky bugger, after all this and I still had to go, that thought about him getting a free feel still sent nice feelings through my body, I was still happy just standing there with my breasts out for his gaze when he spoke, ”Mrs Jones, could I ask a favour”, “Sure, anything”, I said.

He then asked me if he could do another exam on my vagina as he had messed up a little that first time and needed my help and it might give him confidence for in the future.
With more stirrings within me I tried to look hesitant, I said, “Well, I don’t know”, hoping that he would ask again, he did, I then said, “Well, as you have helped us over the years, I suppose I should help you”, and agreed to it.

A big smile came over his young face, I shook off my slippers and dropped my skirt to the floor, bending over as I slid my knickers down and off, my breasts dangling before his eyes.
I asked him how he wanted me, to which he said, “With you’re bottom as close to the edge as you can”, I climbed onto the bed and lay down, with me being the big person I am he helped me get closer to the edge of the bed, his face on inches away from my hairy pussy as he grabbed me by the legs.

For a second there was silence then we both had a little laugh about the situation we were in, he then asked me to lift my knees up and open my legs, I did as I was told and took hold of my own knees, I lifted my head up and looked between my breasts, between my open legs and looked at his face, his eyes, looking at my pussy for the second time, this time in my own bedroom, my own bed.

He placed his hand on the top of my pussy, he pressed hard and moved down to my pussy, not once did he look at my face, just concentrated on my pussy, he parted my lips and felt around, he then opened up my pussy, it seemed as far as he could, he then inserted a finger slowly pushing it all the way in, again the thought that he had no gloves on sent a shiver through my body and my neck ached so I lay my head down, it felt like he had two fingers inside me pushed all the way in but I could not see, he turned his fingers round and felt for something deep within my pussy, he held them in there for a while before he slid them out, he said he was not sure if he had got that right and slid them in again, this time a lot faster and with a squelch I am sure he could tell that I was now wet.

I must admit that I now closed my eyes and he then slid them in a 3rd and then a 4th time, I wanted him to keep going but he stopped and took them out with a small squelch, he then opened my pussy again and felt around my lips, up down and around until he found my clit, he rubbed it a couple of times and new I was getting close to coming, he asked how that was, I opened my eyes and said quietly, “It was okay”.

He felt around my pussy for just a few seconds more before he said, “Right, thank you Mrs Jones, that was fantastic, thank you for you’re help. I will go and clean myself up while you get dressed”.

I sat up a little and rested myself on my elbows, my legs still wide open I said that it was okay and I was glad I could help.

There was a little awkward silence as I just lay there, knees up legs apart, lying there totally naked in front of Jason, my sons best friend, he turned and walked out of our bedroom.