"Adult Stories" My buddy Rich's Grandma

Adult Stories My buddy Rich's Grandma
It was Saturday morning and I was watching some TV and drinking coffee when the phone rang. It was my buddy Rich on the other end.

“Danny, are you busy today? My grandma needs me to come over and install her AC unit cuz it’s so damn hot out.”

“Sure Rich, I can do that, when do you want to go there?”

“How about 1 PM, I have some things that must be done this morning, ok?”

“Sure dude! Meet you at your grandma’s house at 1.”

“Ok, thanks man, I appreciate it.”

“No problem dude, I always liked your grandma. I’ll bring my tools and meet you there”

So I thought about what my bag of I’d need to bring, a skill saw just in case, and my bag with screw gun, bits, wrenches hammer and stuff.

I thought about Rich’s grandma. When we were in grade school we’d sometimes drop buy and she’d make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk, or serve us fresh baked cookies or brownies. She was always very friendly to me, hugged me just like she hugged her grandson Rich. As we got older and Grandpa Steve got sick, Rich would mow her lawn, take out her trash, and odd chores for her, including removal and installation of her big air conditioner. Then when Steve died, Rich made sure he did all he could to help her. So it was no surprise as I have often helped him.

Well now we are out on our own, holding down jobs, and still best friends. We see each other once or twice a week, and are always invited to each other’s parties, cook outs, and camping trips. I looked at the clock on the wall and I still had a couple of hours to go. So I went to my spare room and worked out a bit, then showered and picked out a pair of loose shorts and a wife beater shirt, and tennis shoes. It was already in the 90’s out there, gonna be a sweltering day.

I threw the tools in my car and drove over to Rich’s grandma’s house. Her name was Ida, but both of us boys always just called her grandma. When I arrived Rich’s car was in the drive way. I grabbed my tools and knocked on the door. Granma opened it and hugged me. I could feel her sweat through her house dress.

“Thank you boys, for coming here on your day off to help me. I swear I’m about to melt”

“It’s our pleasure Grandma” I quipped.

She smiled and rubbed my back with her hand as we got ready to go to the garage and pull out the AC unit and the support structure that kept it from falling out. We dragged all the stuff to the lawn and assembled the supports, then went inside with the big AC unit and slipped it through the window onto the supports. A couple of screws and it was ready to plug it in. When we turned it on, some dusty air came out of it, then a bit of cool air . We both hugged grandma and headed out.
“God bless you boys. I really needed this. Thanks a heap, my ass feels like it’s on fire, like it’s hell in here” and she laughed.
As I drove down the road a few blocks, I remembered I left my tool bag on the floor near the AC. So I turned around and went back and I knocked on the door and it opened only a few inches and Grandma looked and said “Danny, I did not expect you.”

“I forgot my tools Grandma”

“Ok, come in and get them” and she pulled the door open a bit and I walked in and there was Grandma in just her her black top pulled above her bra and panties. I’d never thought of her in a sexual way before, but there she was in her undies!

“Danny I’m sorry, I did not expect company, and I’m so friggin hot, waiting for the air condish to cool the place down. Please sit and I’ll get you a cold beer before you go”

She went off into the kitchen my eyes followed every move of her ass and my cock thickened a bit. She came back with my beer and motioned me to sit. So I sat in the chair and we talked about the heat and then she pulled off her bra! Her tits naked for me to see. Her black top above her tits, but she was amazingly sexy. I tried to remember how old she was…late 50’s maybe 60. Her tits were nice, saggy but shapely and her areolas and thick nipples were yummy

“Danny, I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable? If you do I’ll get some clothes on, but I just need some cool air on my teats, they are dripping wet.”

“Ahh, no Grandma, it’s your home, be comfy”

What the hell could say? Plus here was a naked mature sitting in front of me only in her panties. I could hardly look her in the eye as I was staring at her body. The more I stared the more my cock wanted to grow.

Granny then put both of her legs up on the arms of the sofa, giving me a clear shot of her panty covered crotch. They were white panties and you could se a bit of color on her labia that was nearly exposed.

“Do you mind Danny, that cool air feels mighty nice on my crotch”

I was kick to say, “No I don’t mind at all” and I didn’t - her nipples were hard from the cool air and I could see the shadow of her pubic hair through her panties.

“Do you like what you see Danny? I gotta tell you it turns me on a bit to have a strong young man looking at me like that. I can see a bit of a bulge over there. Mmmm that is nice.”

I was a bit speechless and I did not know what to say but the bulge in my shorts told me all I needed to know.

“I do not mind at all, Grandma” 

The word “Grandma” felt wrong here I was with a bit of a boner, and she was turning me on more by the moment.

She smiled and her hand went to her panties and she rubbed a bit. A wet spot was showing in the crotch of her panties. Then her hand went into her panties and she played in front of me. My cock grew and the head poked out a bit from my shorts.

“Mmmm Danny, you really are excited huh? Let me pull these panties off”

And she did and went back to her legs on the arms of the chair, slowly rubbing her clit as showed me her hairy cunt. It was hairy but more like she either did not have too much hair or she kept it under control.

“Danny, it’s not fair that you can see me and I can’t see you. Take off your shirt and shorts and let me get a good look at your stuff. I’ve often wondered what kind of equipment you got down there”

I was shocked. I never knew how sexy she was, or how naughty Grandma was. SO I took off my shorts and shirt and sat down and began to stroke my cock as Grandma’s fingers were now going I and out of her pussy. They were jamming in and out and she was twisting and turning and moaning until she cum. Then she licked her fingers clean. Then her fingers went back in her pussy to get more of her juices.

“Come here Danny. Can I help you. Let me feel your cock. <giggles> I can’t believe I called it your cock! Come over closer.”

So I got up still stroking my 6 ½” cock and wet to her side. She grabbed mu=y cock and stroked it, her other hand went to my balls . I loved this, as I looked at her I found her lust filled green eyes so damn sexy. Here I was 22 years old and my buddy’s 60 year old grandma was stroking my cock. I reached down and rubbed her pussy, my two fingers going inside, and she moaned with delight.

I finger banged her and she jerked me off and I spewed rope after rope of cum onto her tits. She rubbed it into her tits and pulled me closer and put my chubby, soft cock in her mouth and sucked me dry, then sucked me hard.

“I wanted to suck your cock so bad, but I let you cum on my tits so I can suck you hard, and know I can bend over this chair in front of the air condish, and you can fuck me from behind, good and strong. I haven’t been fucked in years. Except my trusty dildo. A girl’s gotta keep her pussy in shape, no cobwebs here. Now fuck me Danny, please?

So she stood up and bent over her ass facing the AC, her legs apart and I put the tip of my cock to her pussy. I had to squat down to do it, and I stood up fast and rammed my cock deep into her cunt lifting her on her toes. Again and again I fucked her so hard we would =both have bruised pubes later on.

“Oh fuck me Danny, Fuck me hard I love it, Fuck me-e-e-e!”

I continued fucking her savagely, my balls were wet from sweat and from her wet pussy. She must have cum at least twice before I blasted her cervix with my load. I held my cock in her, I was panting hard. Grandma’s cunt was milking my deflating cock.

I pulled out of her and she turned around and kissed me on the lips. Not chase, and not a French kiss either, She pulled me by my cummy cock and told me “Let’s jump in the shower and cool off before you go?”

She turned the shower onto luke cool, and we got in and she soaped up my cock and I soaped up her tits and pussy. Then she turned around and I soaped her and pussy and I pushed a soap finger in her ass.

“Omigod-d-d! Yes!!”

So I fingered her ass, and as I felt her ass loosen easily I used two fingers in her ass. I stroked my cock good and hard and pressed it to her ass and she pushed back, impaling her ass on my cock. She growled like an a****l and was pushing back slamming her ass onto my cock as hard as I had fucked her pussy a few minutes ago. I’ve never had a woman fuck my cock with her ass like this, she nearly knocked me over with each thrust. I could feel her fingers inside of her pussy as she fucked me WE fucked like this, she was huffing and puffing, as I just stood there, until she felt me fill her ass with my spunk.

She squeezed hard and pushed my cock out. She washed my cock clean, and I put two fingers in her ass to clean her out. Then we got out of the shower and dried off. AS I got dressed, she put her hand on my arm, and said, “Danny I loved that. Love, love, loved it.”

She paused, “Did you?”

I looked at her and said, “Grandma, this was the best sex I ever had!”

I walked over and kissed her, my tongue deep in her mouth as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger. She kissed me back hard!

“Danny, get dressed. I hope you will park your car a block away and come back and spend the night with me. If you don’t, I understand.”

“Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be back.”

She smiled and glowed. I love the look of a well fucked woman. I beelined to my car, and hid it out of sight from my buddy Rich, and went back to Grandma’s house as fast as I could.