"Erotic Stories" Caught the In-Laws

Erotic Stories Caught the In-Laws
My in-laws had a house on a lake about 2 hours drive from the town we all lived. We spent most summer weekends there, swimming, boating, and doing what people do on a lake. My in-laws would often go there the day before people were arriving to clean it up, get groceries, etc. 

I was at work one summer Friday afternoon, and the boss decided to let everyone out early. It was noon, and I was excited to beat the traffic. I called my wife to say I was out early, and headed to the lake house. We had planned to drive separately because my work was 40 minutes from home in the direction of the lake house. And since my wife had to wait for our k**s to get back from daycamp at 4pm, she planned to drive with them separately. When I told her I was on my way early, she said, "have fun, drink a few beers before I get there with all these whinny k**s, I'll call my parents and let them know you are on your way." And that was how we left it. She was going to call her mom and tell her I would be there soon. But I guess after we hung up, she got busy with something and totally forgot to call her parents. This wouldn't have been a big deal, usually. I had a key and if they happened to be out shopping or something it was no big deal. They knew I was coming that night anyway. 

But as luck would have it, they must have been feeling a bit naughty that day. When I arrived, their car was in the driveway. So I knew they were home, and had assumed they knew I was arriving. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. I stopped at the fridge to grab myself a beer and then headed through the family room towards the porch area. And that is when I saw it. I stopped dead in my tracks, as I peered out the window in front of me to the porch area. There was my sweet mother in law, in nothing but her granny panties, with my father in law's cock in her mouth. They didn't see me at this point, and I stood there frozen, as she sucked his cock. Then she stood up, and pulled her panties down to reveal a very hairy gray pussy. He was sitting on the couch, and she straddled herself over him, and lowered her hot pussy down onto his impressively sized old cock. 

I couldn't believe my eyes, and had no idea what to do. I knew I should run outside and then knock on the door to alert them to my presence. Or maybe even get back in my car and drive around for a half hour to give them time. But I just stood there frozen in place, holding that damn unopened beer, and getting harder and harder by the second. I had never really seen my mother in law as attractive or thought of her sexually in any way. But seeing her naked, riding a cock, was so fucking hot. I just couldn't turn away. Then, suddenly I dropped the beer. It was a can, so it didn't break, but made a very loud bang, causing them to both turn around and begin staring directly at me. I was standing there with a blank look on my face, mouth wide open and a huge tent in my pants. 

My mother in law jumped off his cock, and reached for a blanket to cover herself up. My father in law just started yelling, what the fuck, what are you doing here. Then a few seconds later, everyone calmed down a bit. My mother in law spoke first. "Obviously we didn't know you were coming or we never would have done that. I know we are old, but we still enjoy a good time now and then. Sorry you had to see that, but from the look of your pants, I assume you enjoyed the show." And she pointed directly at my stiff cock. My father in law still naked, then said "Well, you saw everything already, might as well have a seat and watch the finish." 

I couldn't believe my ears. Was he proposing that I watch them fuck. Then he yelled to his wife, "get over here and get back on my cock. You can't leave me half finished here. Come on, it will be just like back in the 60s with someone watching." Holy shit, had they done some swinging back in the day? I had no idea what to say, and before I could speak, my mother in law stood back up, dropped her towel and went back over to my father in law. "Have a seat," she said as she pointed to the chair across from them. I did as she said, and sat there mesmerized as she sat back onto his cock in front of me. They were close enough that I could smell her pussy, and she started bouncing up and down on him, riding him cowgirl. He reached around her and spread her cheeks so I could see her asshole, and his cock entering her sweet pussy. I felt like I might cum in my pants, but wasn't sure what to do next. 

"You know you can touch yourself if you want," my mother in law said to me between moans. And just like that, I pulled my pants to my ankles and began jerking off watching them. My mother in law turned around and looked at me. "Oh that's a nice one. Honey, he has a really big one. You must make my daughter very happy with that thing. Stroke it for me!" 

Hearing her encouragement, really got me going, and I began pumping my cock faster and faster. She started riding him faster and faster too, and kept on looking at me the whole time. Then suddenly my father in law lifted her up off him. She must have known what that meant, and she quickly jumped down onto her knees on the floor between us. He stood up from the couch, with his cock clenched tight in his hands, and shoved it right in her mouth. He let out a huge groan and I knew he was cumming down her throat. She appeared to be swallowing every drop, and when he finally finished cumming, he sat back down on the couch. 

She was still on the ground in front of me an had started fingering herself with one hand, and was wiping the cum that had dribble out of her mouth with the other hand. 

My father in law then said, "Sorry I came so quickly there honey, it's been a long time since we had an audience. Well, do you want me to finish you off with my mouth, or do you want to have some fun with our young visitor here." 

She then looked at me and asked, "Do you wanna have a go at an old lady?" 

I jumped up out of my chair, kicking my pants completely off. I didn't even both to take off my shirt, and instantly was on the ground with her. I laid her down on her back, and parted her legs. I took my place between her thighs and started to lick her sweet old pussy. I couldn't believe how much she tasted like my wife. Within a few minutes I had her on the brink of an orgasm. And as it built in her, her husband bent down and started kissing her. I peered up to see them making out, and I increased my pace licking her clit. When her orgasm hit, she tightened her legs firmly around my face. I thought I might pass out she was squeezing so hard. When she finally stopped cumming, I put my throbbing cock at her entrance. I rubbed the tip of my dick around the opening of her hole, teasing her sensitive clit with it. Then all at once, I shoved my full length inside her. She made a loud gasp and clenched her husbands hands. 

As I started to fuck her, he spoke to me. "Doesn't her pussy feel amazing? Isn't she so fucking hot. You should have seen her back in the day, she used to have so much fun. Fuck her slow, she likes it slow, and when you're ready to cum, do it inside her." I slowed my pace, and looked her deep in the eyes as I slid in and out of her. I would pull my entire length out, and ever so slowly inch it back until my balls were flush with her ass. Each time she would moan deeper and deeper, and squeeze her husbands hands harder and harder. Then she started kissing him again, and I cold tell she was about to have another orgasm. As I slowly rocked back and forth inside her tightening vagina, her body started to shake. And as she moaned through her husband's kiss, she started shaking all over again. I could feel her legs tighten around me again, but this time it was not my head, but my hips. She let go of her husbands hands and grabbed my ass. She pulled me as deep into her as I could go, and as she finished her orgasm I began pumping her full of my cum. I think I came for about 20 seconds straight. And it must have been a ton, because as I pulled out a huge glob of my cum followed, and dropped onto the floor. I sat back, spent, breathing heavy and admiring her naked cum filled pussy. 

Then out of nowhere, my father in law asked me to move to the side, and he took my place between her legs. He leaned down and appeared to be licking my cum from her pussy. I sat back on the chair watching him. He was licking all around the outside of her pussy and cleaning all my cum from her. Then he held her pussy open and shoved his tongue deep inside. He was clearly trying his best to get as much cum in his mouth as he could. And then he stopped licking and put his cock back inside her. The sounds were so squishy and loud, as he was now fucking her cum filled cunt. Each time he would pull out, you could see his cock was coated with my cum. He was using it as lube, and fucking her slowly, how I had just done. It didn't take him long again, and pretty soon he was filling her up with his own cum. The sight of this, had me hard again, and I had began stroking in my chair once again. 

My father in law got up and started dressing. "that's all for me, I'm an old man. Honey, can you help him out here, but make it quick, we gotta shop before everyone else gets here." My mother in law got up off the ground and put her clothes back on. Then she came over and sat next to me, and replace my hand on my cock with hers. She expertly started to stroke me, and then she shocked me when she leaned over and started kissing me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and was really making out with me while she pumped my cock. She grabbed my balls with her other hand, and in no time I was cumming all over. She didn't stop kissing me as she milked every last drop out of me. Then she got up, tossed me my clothes and said to go get cleaned up before people start arriving. 

"This will always be our little secret. You can't tell anyone that we used to do things like this, or that we let you play too. Especially our daughter. So if don't tell anyone, maybe we can let you play again sometime. You sure were fun." And with that she kissed me on the cheek and headed out to the grocery store.