"Erotic Stories" Shoveling snow

Erotic Stories Shoveling snow
Gawd! I am so tried I can hardly walk. I have just finished shoveling three of my neighbor's driveways and I made almost $110 but right now all I want to do is take a hot shower and get something to eat and go to sleep. As walk into the kitchen, and my mother informs me Ms. O'Malley got a call from her snow plowing company saying they cannot get there until tomorrow afternoon and she has moving trucks coming at 7am tomorrow morning. My mother also informs me she has volunteered me to shovel the O'Malley's driveway tonight if necessary to help her out. I protested, complained, refused, and all it got me was a change of clothes and instructions from my mother not to come home till I have finished the job.

I am a high school senior. I stand six feet 1 inches tall just received a football scholarship to Penn. State and I can't tell my mother who is 5 foot nothing "no". I am pondering my dilemma walking over to the O'Malley's house; Ms. O'Malley is standing at the door waiting for me. "Hello Danny how are you."

I want to tell her tired and sick of shoveling snow but I said, " Fine, Ms. O'Malley. I better get started right away because it is so late."

"Thank you Danny, that would be great. I will be in the house finishing packing should you need anything."

There is a huge drift in the middle of the driveway. This is going to take a long time. I am shoveling for the next four hours and light snow is mixing with rain. At this point I am wet, cold, tired, hungry and not finished. Ms. O'Malley is waving me into the house.

"Please come in and take a break. I have a brisket sandwich for you and I am afraid all I have left to drink is beer." "That will be fine," (Well I thought to myself at least I scored a beer out of this).

"I am certain I can't finish this driveway tonight" I said.

"I thought that might happen so I called your mother and asked if you could sleep over and get a early start tomorrow, she said would be fine. Why don't you get those wet clothes off and have a hot shower. I'll put your clothes in the washer and clean them for tomorrow."

I want to argue, scream but all that I said was "Yes, Ms. O'Malley." The hot shower would feel good and I am really tired so what's the point in arguing.

"Danny, go upstairs to the master bathroom since it is the only one with towels."

I obediently go upstairs to the master bath and there is a large shower area with clear glass doors. I take my clothes off and leave them on the floor and get into the shower. Then to my surprise Ms. O'Malley comes into the bathroom with me naked to the entire world and says " I'll take these clothes to the laundry room" and walks off.

Thinking about Ms. O'Malley seeing me naked felt pretty good, exciting in fact, as I am pondering what just happened while now sporting a 6 ¾” inch erection, ( yeah, I’ve measured it a few times) Ms. O'Malley comes in again with a robe for me to put on.

" I am sorry with everything in boxes I could only come up with this robe." She leaves the robe and walks out again. I continue to finish my shower thinking this must be normal for her but I am certainly not used to it.

Although Ms. O'Malley is almost forty she looks must younger and still has nicely proportioned body with a 36DD (or more) chest the center of attention. I would not call her pretty really but striking, sexy. Could she be playing with me? Her family has left for Oregon and there is only the two of us in the house. No, not possible. I have been reading too much erotica. I put on the robe and it is extremely short and looks more like a mini skirt. This thing barely covers my dick but it's the only option I have at the moment. I called out to Ms. O'Malley " Is it possible to get another robe or something." She comes around the corner and says, " Oh, you look fine, besides it is only you and I in the house."

I walk down stairs to my sandwich in the kitchen and sit down at the table and I discover to my dismay the robe rides up when you sit, leaving me to expose myself again in front of Ms. O'Malley. I quickly take my napkin and place it in my lap for coverage attempting to act as natural as possible. Nature it seems turns out to be the enemy because my cock is now standing at attention creating tent effect in my lap. To make matter even worse Ms. O'Malley sits beside me rather and opposite and I am sitting next to her with a tent in my lap attempting to eat a sandwich. I finish the beer in about two sips in my excitement and a second is place in front of me instantly and I drink it as quickly as the first.

"Please call me Gloria, You are certainly big enough to be treated like an adult and how much you have grown."

Gloria is now staring at the tent in my lap. " You look so much like your father. Did you know he and I dated in High School? He was the captain of the football team and I was the prom queen. It was all very exciting. I remember it like in was yesterday."

Gloria now placing her hand on my thigh lightly massaging it. " I am sorry to be leaving town but my husband got a huge promotion and we just could not turn it down."

Gloria now gets me my third beer and starts to clear the table. She takes the plate in front of me with one hand and reaches in my lap to remove my tent, which now has an obvious precum stain.

"Seems you have a bit of a problem down there Danny. I knew how to fix your father's problems when he was your age, and I am sure I can do the same for you. Would you like that Danny?"

I sat there dumbfounded, taking in what I had just heard when she said " But of course you do. Please help yourself to another beer, I will call you up stair when I am ready."

This was surely a strange set of circumstances. I date, and have some experience with sex but this is a different ball game. A mature woman with 36DD chest is going to call me up stairs and take care of my problem! I am thinking about what I should do next went I hear

" Danny, I am ready. Come up now!"

I go up to the master bedroom feeling like a k** on his first day at kindergarten. Gloria appears to be nude with a sheet covering her.

" Take off that robe and come to bed. I want you to suckle on these," as she shows me the most beautiful and largest set of tits I have ever seen or imagined. I would obviously comply. I drop the robe to the floor and pull back the sheets and get into the bed.

Gloria pulls my head towards those beautiful breasts and I begin to suckle as requested. Her nipples were large and puffy. I had never seen nipples that stood out almost like little erections. In any case it was absolutely amazing to suck and I sucked those nipples for at least 20 minutes, then felt something wet in the bed and a musty smell overwhelming the room. I looked down and liquid is leaking from between Gloria's legs. I have played stinky finger before and made girls cum but I don't know what this is.Shoveling snow

Gloria pulls me back to her chest and I am very happy to comply. She then pulls my leg around to straddle her and she reaches between her legs then rub her chest with her vaginal juices. She moves down the bed until my dick is resting between those huge tits. I needed no instruction as I began humping those beautiful tits. This felt amazing, but I was not going to last long until Gloria grabs the base of my shaft and prolongs the inevitable for another 5 minutes or so when I burst shooting sperm everywhere. All over Gloria's face and hair, the pillows, even on the bed post. She laughed and laughed with delight as to just what happened.

She then took my dick in her mouth and restored it to former majesty then proceeded to introduce me to what deep throat was all about. While my cock is down her throat, Gloria somehow puts her fingers in my anus and begins to massage what I would later find out was my prostate. I could not believe an 18-year-old boy could possibly feel this excellent as I shoot my second load down her eager throat. We lay still in the bed not uttering a word.

Gloria then puts me on my back. My 6 3/4 inches jumps to attention and she mounts my pecker and impales herself. She is riding my rod as her tits dance before me. Those puffy nipples are such an incredible turn on. Cum is still on her face running down to my chest. Gloria leans forward, placing her nipples just within sucking distance as she expertly rides me into oblivion.Shoveling snow 2

When I wake up Gloria is staring into my face. She plunges her tongue into my mouth and my passions once again are on the rise. Our tongues dancing, and our bodies now moving, to a rhythm that is now our own. She puts me on my back and climbs up placing her legs around my neck and her shaven pussy on my lips. This was a first for me but no instruction required I lick the outside of her vaginal lips as and she again started leaking vaginal fluid at an amazing rate. I plunged my tongue into her love hole and she bucked with a****l excitement. My face now saturated with her love juices licking as if on a****l instinct. Gloria now gushing with delight, rubbing her clit over my tongue and noses squealing and swearing like a sailor. Gloria now places her asshole on to my lips and I push my tongue deep into her ass. I was surprised to find this a pleasant experience, as this was virgin territory for me. It did not taste or smell bad at all and got me quite hard

She now get on her knees in front of me and has me gets on my knees in front of her. She holds my pecker stroking the shaft to its full length, and turns - putting her butt in the air reaching underneath her legs bringing her juices to her asshole. I place my dick on her backdoor and ever so slowly getting the head of my cock into this forbidden zone. All I hear is Gloria screaming, "YES." I am now driving with complete abandon,. I release what was to be the last deposit into one of the hottest women I will ever know.Shoveling snow 3

Gloria looks at the clock and tells me it's time to get up because the movers would be here in an hour. I showered with her washing each other. Gloria hugged me and began to cry. I did not know what to do but hold her. She backed away and we both got dressed. I went outside and began finishing my snow shoveling with my head spinning trying to sort out what had just transpired. In my mind all I could think of what a spectacular evening this has been.

I finished shoveling and the moving vans came on time. Gloria gave me an envelope with a check for $100 and that was the last time I would see her. I showed my mother the check and she said "aren't you glad you did what your mother told you." I said "Yea, I really am."