"Erotic Stories" Wife tells her mom too much!

Erotic Stories Wife tells her mom too much!
My wife and I had been arguing a lot lately. Mostly, it always came back to the fact that we are on totally different pages when it comes to sex. When she was younger, she definitely had a larger sex drive. But I guess life, k**s, stress, and everything else, must have gotten in the way. She is quite satisfied with 1-2 times a month, and that fits her needs well. Me on the other hand, would have no problem 2-3 times a day. So that is a big gap to overcome. However, everything else in our lives is pretty much perfect. Over time we have realized we will never see eye to eye on that. Sometimes she tries to accommodate me, giving it up a bit more often. Sometimes, I accommodate by not pestering her for a few weeks at a time. But for the most part, that tension is always there. 

I guess one day she must have been upset about our sex issues and decided to ask her mom. I think she was looking for advice, or for her mom to agree with her that 1-2 times a month is plenty. But she was not given the answer she hoped. You see her mom is much more old school. She is still of the mindset that part of being a wife is to keep your man happy, and that means sexually. In her mind, that means as much as the guy desires, because if you don't they will find it elsewhere. After my wife had this talk with her, she never mentioned it to me. The thing was, her mom did. 

A few days after their talk, her mom pulled me to the side at a party and said my wife had told her of our little problem. She had been drinking and was a bit more forward than usual. She simply told me that her daughter was wrong, and she told her she better start pleasing me more often before she loses me. I smiled and said thanks for trying to help, but assured her I was not going anywhere, and I loved her daughter. With a straight face she told me, "that only goes so far. And if she doesn't start giving you what you need, some other young lady will. And then where will your family be?" Again, I assured her that everything was fine, and that was not the case. But she persisted. We ended the conversation with her telling me that she would check back in with me in a couple weeks to see if my wife had changed things at all. 

I figured that was drunk talk and we would be done with it. But about a month later, she stopped by the house when my wife was out shopping. She came in and I offered her a drink and told her my wife would be back in a couple hours so she could wait if she wanted. She told me she had come to talk to me, and asked if things improved sexually. Now I was taken aback by this, so wanting it to finally end, I just said, sure. Everything has improved. She followed up asking how many times we had done it. I lied and said 4. Then she asked if my wife had given me blowjobs in between. I nearly spit out my drink. No, I told her, she never does that. 

"That girl," she went on, "I told her if she isn't in the mood to at least give you a blow job or hand job. She just doesn't get it. Well, looks like I am going to have to take care of her mess again. Come over here." 

I honestly had no idea what she meant, and I took a step towards her. She reached down and grabbed my crotch, and squeezed my cock. "take it out so I can help you," she instructed. Without thinking I unzipped and handed her my hardening cock. She knelt down and took me in her mouth, and sucked me hard in seconds. I had no idea what was happening but it felt incredible. I ran my hands through her hair, and fucked her face for what seemed like an eternity. And when I was about to cum, I told her and she sucked harder. She swallowed every drop of my cum, and then put my dick back in my pants for me. 

Then she got up and said, "From now on, don't go looking for any young girls, or prostitutes or anything else to satisfy your needs. Whenever my daughter isn't giving you what you need, you just come see me. I mean it. Just stop over on your way to work, or way home, and I'll take care of you."

I couldn't believe my ears. I felt like I was in a dream. The next day I found myself pulling up in front of her house on my way to work. My hands were shaking as I knocked on her door. She answered wearing her nightgown and robe. 

"More already, I can see why my wife may have had trouble keeping up. Well come on in and I'll fix you some coffee." I sat at her kitchen table as she shuffled around in her old lady sleepwear, and poured me some coffee. Then as I took a sip, she reach over and undid my pants. She handed me the newspaper to read and proceeded to play with my cock while I had coffee and read the sports section. When she felt me get close to cumming, she leaned down and once again took me in her mouth. She swallowed all my cum again and put me back in my pants. "Okay, off you go to work now, have a great day." And just like that I was on my way. Holy hell, this must have been what it was like being married to her, waited on hand of foot, and pleasured any time you want. 

I couldn't stop thinking about her all day at work. So the next morning, I left for work even earlier. I got to her house, and she looked like I had woken her up. 'Do you want some coffee," she offered. "I'm okay, you look tired." 

"I am, she said, maybe coming down with a cold. Best not to touch you with my mouth today. If you don't mind, can you just use my pussy real quick?" And with that, she bent over a chair, and pulled up her nightgown to reveal her pale white ass. I could see her grayish pubes poking out from between her legs, and instantly I was hard. I didn't say a word and just plunged my cock into her from behind. She felt incredible. So tight and yet very wet for a woman her age. She must not have had sex in years since her husband passed away, and her pussy had certainly tightened up. It didn't take me long, and soon enough I was asking her where I should cum. "Oh go ahead and do it in me, I'm too old for pregnancy," she laughed. And with that I unloaded deep into her. I reached down and pulled up her granny panties around her big ass. And I even kissed her big ass cheeks before covering them. "See you tomorrow," I said, as I headed for the door. 

Over the next two weeks, we did pretty much the same each time. She would either blow me while I had coffee, or bend over to let me fuck her. She let me have my choice, so it was really just mattered how much time I had to spend. If I was in a hurry, a quick fuck was in order. When I had more time, I could sit back and read the paper while she worked my cock for me. I was in heaven. 

Then one morning I didn't stop by. I guess maybe she was worried, so she actually called me at the office. "I didn't see you this morning, everything okay?" 

"Oh yeah, everything is great. I just had my monthly sex with your daughter this morning, and didn't think it would be right to come over after."

"Oh good, glad you are okay," she replied, "but I'm here if you need me on the way home." 

Wow, I didn't think she was even liking any of what we had done. I figured she thought of it more as a chore, or wifely/motherly duty. But she sounded genuinely disappointed that I had skipped our morning breakfast. I decided I would stop by on my way home that day. 

When I walked in, I realized I still hadn't showered since fucking her daughter that morning. So I didn't want to put my dirty cock in her mouth. Instead I realized that if she was actually enjoying this, maybe I should give her some more pleasure. When I walked in, she went over to her chair and bent over as usual. But instead of shoving my cock inside, I knelt behind her and started to lick her old pussy. "What are you doing?" she said in a surprised voice. "Don't worry about it," I said, and resumed licking her pussy and even her asshole. I played with her clit with my fingers, and felt her body start to shake a bit. I started to wonder if anyone had ever eaten her pussy before. She couldn't say a word, and for the first time in all we had done, she was moaning uncontrollably. I realized she might fall over if I kept her in this position, so I turned her around and led her to the couch. I laid her down and spread her legs wide in front of me. This was the first time I actually got a good look at her pussy. It was incredible. I dove in and ate her to what I have to believe may have been her first ever orgasm. She just about pulled my hair out of my head, as I lapped away at her soaking cunt. When she was satisfied, I knelt up between her legs, and jerked my load all over her gray haired pussy. Then I left. 

I returned the next morning, to find a huge breakfast all ready for me. When I came into the house this time, she was not in her usual nightgown and robe. She had dressed for the day, and was trying to look her best. As I ate, I waited for her to come over and start sucking me. But she didn't. Instead she ate with me. And when we were finished, she said, "Can I ask you something? Do you do that to my daughter?" "You mean lick her, of course." "Well then," she continued, "if you do that and she still doesn't want to give you more, then it really is her loss. Do you think you could do that to me again?" And with that we headed to her bedroom for the first time. 

This time we actually both stripped completely naked. I took my time, exploring her entire body. We even made out a bit, while I fingered her. We fucked in missionary first. Then I licked her to an orgasm. Then I flipped her over and fucked her doggy for a while. When I was close to cumming, I laid on my back and asked her to ride me. I helped her up onto my cock, and her saggy tits bounced on my face. She leaned down and kissed me passionately as I let loose my cum into her old vagina. It may have been the best fuck of my life, and I think she might agree. 

To this day, I stop there every morning, or at night on the rare occasion my wife fucks me. But I no longer use her for my benefit. We actually make love, and both have an incredible time. And me and my wife never have any arguments over sex, or anything else for that matter. Things couldn't be better!