"Sex Stories" Dee the Grocery Clerk

Sex Stories Dee the Grocery Clerk
Last summer, right after I turned 18 and I graduated from high school, I got a summer job stocking shelves at a grocery store, a big chain. They're open 24 hours a day, so, I got stuck working the night shift. There aren't many customers in the middle of the night, so there are only a few people working with me. Most nights that I work, the person checking out is a woman named Dee. I'd guess she's about 38- 40, with short black hair, attractive if not spectacular. The store has a loose dress code, so every night Dee pretty much wears the same outfit: a blouse buttoned most the way up in the front, black or blue denim pants, and a sexy smile And we all wear long green aprons tied behind our necks.

There isn't much to think about on this job, and there aren't many hot babes shopping in the middle of the night, so whenever I'm working near the front, I like to sneak peaks of Dee. Even her apron couldn't hide the fact that she has average tits under her blouse and bra. Also, her jeans were always real tight, and I loved to stare at her ass. She didn't have a great ass, it was a little skinnier than ideal, but her pants were so tight that I just loved to look at her. The first couple of times she glanced over and caught me looking at her I was embarrassed, but she would just give me a little smile, and after a while I'd just smile back, and keep on looking.

When we weren't busy or if I were helping her bag groceries, we'd get the opportunity for a little small talk. I took a half-hour meal break at 2:30 AM, and Dee took her break at 3:00 AM. After a few weeks, Dee talked me into taking my break at the same time as hers, "to give me someone to talk to and keep me awake". When we were on break, the night manager covered for Dee on check out, and everyone else was out front, so Dee and I were always alone. Our break room was in back, up a flight of stairs. It was just a small room with one table, a few chairs, a refrigerator, a microwave, some lockers, and a bathroom. 

Every night we would walk up the stairs, take off our aprons, eat our sack meals, and then read or talk for a few minutes. I'm generally pretty quiet, but we both consumed a lot of coffee to keep awake all night, so we talked pretty freely. I was glad to have someone to talk to, but mostly I enjoyed the opportunity to see Dee up close without her apron. I continuously stole glances at her tits through her blouse and bra. And her pants were so tight around her crotch. I would sit kitty-corner from Dee so I could look at her crotch in her tight pants. I could see her protruding mound, and the seam down the middle looked like it was being sucked right into her slit. At that angle, sometimes her blouse left a gap between the buttons, and I could look in and see some of her cleavage spilling out of her white lacy bra. She must have caught me looking at her, but I was too horny to stop, and she never seemed offended.

We really didn't have much to talk about. Dee would mention her husband and k**s, and working nights kept my social life to a minimum. Dee once asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said "no", and she replied, "You should, you're an attractive boy". That made my night. Actually, I had a few dates in high school, and I guess I wasn't bad looking, but I was quiet and not real popular. I had felt up one girlfriend, but I was still a virgin.

Sitting kitty-corner, our knees would touch under the table, and we got into a little game where I would press my knee into hers every night, and she would silently press back. There was usually a newspaper on the table, and after a few nights we got into the habit of reading our horoscopes. Then I would slide around and sit right next to Dee, and we would read the paper together. The first time I did that I pressed my thigh against hers, and she immediately pressed back. We sat as close together as humanly possible, our legs rubbing together from our hips to our knees, never mentioning it. 

One night Dee pressed her tit into my shoulder as we read. I wondered if Dee could see my hard cock in my tight pants. My hand was holding the newspaper, resting on the edge of the table. Dee leaned forward and pressed her tit into the back of my hand. I wanted to escalate the touching, but I didn't want to risk too much with this older married woman. Finally I put my hand under the table, on my own thigh, my little finger just barely touching Dee's thigh. When she didn't move or say anything, I slowly moved my hand over to her leg, about half-way up her thigh, over her tight pants.

Dee slowly moved her hand under the table, and put it firmly on my thigh. My heart was beating faster now, and I slowly moved my hand up her leg and gently squeezed the inside of her thigh. We both struggled to keep a casual conversation as Dee slid her hand up my thigh, resting an inch from my hard dick. I moved my hand up further, and Dee spread her legs to accommodate. I moved my hand up until my little pinky just barely grazed Dee's crotch. Then I felt her fingers graze my hard cock. I went for it all and cupped her crotch over her tight pants and gently rubbed it. Dee spread her legs more, and cupped my dick and squeezed it. 

Finally I looked over at Dee, and she looked at me, smiling, and we kissed. Dee slid her tongue into my mouth as we put our arms around each other. Knowing time was short, I quickly slid one hand around to the front of her blouse and squeezed her tit over her blouse and bra. Dee only sighed and moaned with her tongue still wrapped around mine. I started fumbling for the buttons at the front of her blouse, and got one unbuttoned when Dee pulled back, pointed to the bathroom, and said, "Let's go in there."

We both quickly stood up and walked into the small bathroom. Dee turned on the light and closed the door behind us. The bathroom was small, with just enough room for a sink and a toilet. We stood up and hurriedly hugged and kissed and groped. My hands were all over Dee. I squeezed both of her ass cheeks over her super-tight denims, lifting and cupping them. Then I went back to her tits. I unbuttoned her blouse, but I didn't have time to work so I left the top buttoned. With her blouse still tied in a knot and her top button still unbuttoned, I pulled her blouse as wide open as I could, exposing her two nice bra cups. I squeezed both of her bra cups, finding the material very thin, with a wire holding up the bottoms of the cups. I groped and squeezed both big tits, even feeling her hard nipples through the flimsy fabric. I started to slide one hand inside her bra. I felt her warm smooth flesh, working my hand inside until I reached her nipple, and groped. Dee reached up with both of her hands, and pulled down on her bra cups, and her big white tits fell out over her cups. I stared at her round white jugs. She had large dark brown areolas, and her nipples were hard and thick. Her tits were so big that there was not much gap between them, you couldn't have stuck a pencil down her cleavage. I lifted both tits, squeezed, kneaded, and milked them.

Dee's hands were busy too. She started by rubbing my shoulders, my back, and worked her way down to my ass, squeezing both cheeks through my pants. Then she ran her hands up my stomach, and unbuttoned my shirt, reached in, and caressed my bare chest. She placed one hand over my crotch, and rubbed it.

I reached down and rubbed her pussy over her skin-tight pants. Dee unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, reached in, and pulled out my hard dick, and stroked it. I unbuttoned and unzipped Dee's pants, reached in and rubbed her crotch over her wet panties. I slid my hand down inside her panties, and felt the hair over her crotch. I slid my middle finger into her wet warm slit, and slowly fingered her. Man, was THAT a great sensation! I moved my other hand to her back, slid it down into her panties, and groped her bare ass.

Dee pulled my pants and underwear all the way down to my ankles. She reached behind me, closed the lid on the toilet, and whispered, "sit down." I sat my bare ass down on the toilet seat. I stared at Dee with her black pants open and her large white cotton panties exposed. Dee hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and pulled down her pants and panties simultaneously. I stared at her thick patch of black pussy hair as she pulled her pants down to her knees. As she leaned over to pull her pants off, her big jiggling tits hung down in my face.

Dee faced me, spread her legs, straddled me on the toilet, and sat on my lap. She scooted up until I could feel her pubic hair tickle the head of my dick. "THIS IS IT, FOR SURE," I thought. "I'M GONNA FUCK THIS ADULT WOMAN!" She grabbed my stiff cock, aimed it at her pink wet slit, pushed her hips toward me, and slid my cock into her warm, slippery pussy.

I have a pretty slight build, so the healthy Dee probably was a match for me, but I certainly didn't mind,and I loved her warm ass on ck going in and out of her. Dee put her hands inside my open shirt, and grabbed my shoulders, panting. Dee's tits were still hanging out of her bra cups, with her blouse open to the side of them, her top button still buttoned. I held onto Dee's bare hips and watched her white globes bobble and shake in my face. I reached up and squeezed them. Then I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and sucked on her hard right nipple. Dee gasped and moaned as I thrust my dick into her hard, and licked and sucked her nipple. 

Dee and I both started pumping faster. I knew I was going to come quickly, and Dee was really into it, her eyes closed, her fingers digging into my back, her big bare bottom gyrating all over my lap. It was hard for both of us to be quiet. Dee moaned in my ear, "Oh, I'm cumming!" She bucked up and down, gyrated all over my lap, and clamped her thighs around me. I let loose, shooting my jism into Dee. 

When we were done cumming, Dee stayed on my lap for just a minute, and we kissed. Then she said, "We have to get back before someone comes looking for us", and stood up. We quickly grabbed our clothes off the floor and got dressed, and I kept looking at Dee's naked jiggling body. We cleaned up quickly, and with one last kiss, raced back to work.

I worked there for about 3 more months and Dee and I reprised this event a couple of times. I still think of her and how pretty she was and how pretty lucky I was.