"Adult Stories" Mum is in need of a fuck

Adult Stories Mum is in need of a fuck
At 42 years old you would be thinking that I was having a lot of sexy but that had not been the case, seven years ago I had been having sex every day and it was so great when my husband was here, but when I found out that he was shagging my best mate, and I caught them doing it in our bed, he became history that instant, now, seven years later all I can think of is sex and more sex, not that I was obsessed or anything but a woman has needs and I am no exception ,all I want is to have sex with someone, I had even thought my son might be up for it but dismissed the idea because he had a girl up to recently, as I was aware he was shagging her daily from what I heard coming from his bedroom, which to be truthful I was as jealous as hell , as I lay in my bed next door.

One afternoon I went into his bedroom to ask him if he could take me shopping the following day when I found him on his computer, he quickly flipped the screen hoping I had not seen him looking at porn but he was just too slow and I see naked women, 
“Mum” he cried out” 

“What, I needed to talk to you” I replied noticing a rather large bulge in his short, my mind raced of what it might look like hard, 
“You could have knocked” he replied going a little red, 

“Sorry sweet heart, I didn’t know you were looking at porn” I said giving him a knowing look, 
“Should have knocked” he said like he was hurt, 

I stood there letting him get it out of his system, it had not been the first time I have found him looking at porn and it probably won’t be the last, anyway, I really didn’t mind one bit, all boys and girls love looking at porn, I am no exception,

“So, what was you looking at on the porn sites” I asked like it was a matter of fact, 
He looked at me then looked back at the screen, “this and that” he replied, 
“Naked women no doubt” I asked, 
“Yes” he remarked looking a little uncomfortable, 
I sat down next to him and looked at the blank screen, “show me what you was looking at, I would like to see” 
He turned to look at me but I didn’t take my eyes from the screen, 
“Mum, I don’t think you should see things like that” he remarked, 
I laughed, “Why should’nt I, I know what a women and man looks like naked” I paused, “anyway, I like seeing naked people” 
“OK, I hope you will not be offended mum” he said switching the computer on, 
I watched him as he flicked through some of the apps till he got to Google bar; he stopped and looked at me, 
“Mum, I don’t know if I should, after all, it is much an individual thing porn” he remarked, 
“Yes, but porn is porn and because I am your mother doesn’t make one bit of difference if I see nude bodies” I paused, “do you know your mother once had sex” 
He looked at me wondering what to say next, I could see his mind racing, 

“Ho come on sweetheart, don’t looked so shocked, me and your father were at it like rabbits, any place anywhere, there is a lot you don’t know about your mum, didn’t you know that just before we got married me and your father went on holiday, not to your normal beach but a naturist beach, for two weeks we didn’t wear a stitch, naked as the day we were born, I can tell you I didn’t have one white bit or tan line” I said and his mouth opened in shock, 
I smiled, “and then there the time we went to a town where only being naked was the dress code, that was strange at first because everywhere you go everyone was naked, but after a day or two it became the norm, so you see my son, seeing naked people is not so much a stranger to me” I said looking into his eyes, at that point a felt a slight flutter of excitement race through me, 
“I don’t know what to say mum, I didn’t know” he licked his lips, 

“And why should you, but I think you are a big boy now, a man with a man’s needs and urges, so nothing you do or say will shock me” I said looking at the screen, “now let’s get this site open and let me see these men and women you have been looking at” 

I watched him key in the site and up popped the name, he stopped and looked at me, 
“Mum, I am” he stopped, “there is something on here that I think you should not see” he said looking sheepish, 
“Hum, I can only guess but I am sure I am right but are these photos of you” I remarked, 
He looked even more uncomfortable, “yes, I have pictures of me on this site, a bit revealing so to speak” he said softly, 
I knew he was finding it hard to stop me from seeing them but my mind was racing to what I was about to see, 
“I hope they are, anyway sweetheart, whatever they are I will not think any less of you, I want to see them, clothes or not” I paused hoping to make him feel at ease, “I hope you are hard” he looked at me,

He went to his password and up popped his site, in the left hand corner there was a picture of a cock, hard and erect and about six inches long, 
“I guess this is yours” I asked pointing to a cock, 
“Yes” he replied, 
“What are these pictures over there” I pointed to the right hand side where there were boxes of different photos of cocks, 
“That is my site pictures, they are of me in the nude” he sounded a little unsure of himself, 
“Let’s take a look at them” I asked,
He clicked open a file and up popped a dozen or so pictures of my son, completely naked with a hard on, he look so nice and hard, my heart started to race, he clicked a picture and it brought the picture up a little bigger, then I noticed the arrow go to a small circle and the picture enlarge, the picture now at its full size and there was nothing of my son that was hidden, 
“Ho wow, you look so lovely, what a nice body you have and your cock is so big, I also see you shave, how long have you been do that” I asked taking in my sons horny naked body,
“About two years, I like it smooth, it makes me look bigger” he said, 

“It does that, I bet Sarah liked it inside her” I remarked, 
“Mum” he smiled, “I didn’t know you was such a horny woman, I am seeing you in a different light” he glanced at me, 

“You don’t know the half sweetheart, your mum likes having sexy” I said then I noticed he looked a bit embarrassed, “anyway, we are both adults, we like seeing naked bodies and if I am right men like to talk sex as well, so don’t go shy on me” 
“I am not mum, it is just I have not heard you ever talk about sex that is all”
He looked flushed, but I didn’t want to end it there, 

“So, what do you like looking at when you are seeing all these naked women” I prompted him,
He thought about it, “I don’t know” he replied, 
I smiled at him; I knew I had to take the lead, 
“Well do you like pussy, tits, bum or all of the nakedness, do you like young girls, boys, the older woman, MILFS, you must have a preference” I said waiting for the reply, 
A little reserved he coughed, “I love tits and pussy, I can’t believe I am having this conversation with my mum” he said,

“Why not” I paused, “what else do you like, you have come this far, tell me everything” I asked, 
“I like older women, I think they have the most lovely bodies” he remarked, 
“What do you think of my body” I asked him,
“I don’t know, I have never seen you naked, I have seen you in your bra and knickers and you look rather nice” he said and I smiled, 
“I think I need to show you something” I said getting up and going to my bedroom, returning with three girly magazines,
“What is this” he asked as I put them down in front of him, 

“Take a look, it is something I wanted to show you for a long times, I think it is time now that I can see you are a man with a man’s needs” I said offering the magazines to him, 
Slowly he opened the top magazine; he flipped the pages over till he came to a naked girl with her legs wide open, 
“Do you like her, the way she had her pussy on display must make you feel a little excited” I asked, 

Yes, she is rather nice” he remarked but I knew he would like to fuck her, 
“What about her tits” I asked,
“Very nice, but I would like them a little bigger, something about 36b or c, now they would be just right” he licked his lips, 
“Now that is a coincidence, I am a 36b, I guess they would be the right size” I said as he turned a page, 
The girl was wide open and had a shaven pussy; there was nothing she was hiding, 
“Do you like her, shaven and open, do you like to see hairy or smooth” I asked his seeing the bulge in his shorts growing, 

“Ho yes, the smoother the better” he paused and looked at me, “can I ask you mum” 
“Yes I do, you was going to ask me if I shave” I replied, 

He smiled and I could only imagine what was going through his head, he turned a few more pages till he got the a young woman in her bra and panties, at first he didn’t recognise her, then the realisation of what he was seeing hit him, he looked at me then back to the picture, 
“Bloody hell, is this who I think it is” he asked looking at me then back to the pictures, “mum” 

I smiled at him, “yes, it is me, do you like them” I asked as he turned the page, 
“OMG” he said softly, he was now looking at his mum naked and exposed, there was nothing I was hiding and he could see me at I was, 

“Mum, that are lovely, you look so” he paused so I filled the rest in, 
“Sexy, horny” would they be the words you are looking for” I asked, 

“Yes, they are” he turned another page, “I didn’t realise how sexy you really are mum” he licked his dry lips, 
I took another magazine and gave it to him, he looked at me, 
“Are there more of you in here” he said starting to open the pages,
“Yes but more recent ones” I replied and he stopped what he was doing, 

“Recent, how recent” he asked, 
“Well let’s say, it is me only three years ago, you will like them” I said prompting him to proceed, 
He flicked through the pages till he came to me, naked and open, shaven and horny, as I can rightly remember, 
“Ho mum, you are, you are beautiful, I can’t believe I am looking at you naked but I am pleased I am, so sexy, I just love them” he paused and looked at me, “so bloody horny mum, I love them, I just wish I had known sooner” he replied, 
My mind was racing, and i was not thinking of the washing, I wanted my son inside me, I knew it was wrong to go down that path but the urge to have sex was far greater than the risks, I stood up and he was looking at me, I think he knew what was coming, 
“Would you like to see the real thing” I asked feeling my heart pounding with excitement, 
He licked his lips and looked up and down my aching body, “not to put to finer point on it mum, but if I don’t then I would be unhappy, I think you should make me happy, don’t you” he asked turning towards me and giving me his full attention, 

“Yes, I think so sweetheart” I said moving over next to the bed, 

Slowly I started to undress; my blouse was first soon followed by my jeans, I stood there in my bra and panties hoping he was as horny as I was feeling, my hands moved to the clips on my bra and I quickly undone them, the bra fell to the floor and his eyes widened, 
“ho my God, they look so nice” he said as I tweaked my nipples till they were hard and erect, 
“You have not seen the best of me yet” I gave him a knowing smile, 
Slow I took off my panties and then kicked them to one side; he sat there with his mouth open, mesmerized by my naked body just yards from him, 

“Well, what do you think sweetheart” I remarked trying not to tremble, 
“Mum” he stood up, “mum, you are bloody gorgeous, you look so good naked even though you are my mum” he replied, 
I looked at his bulge in his short, I want to look at his cock, “sweetheart, why don’t you take off your clothes and join your mum naked, I would love to see all of you” I asked wondering if he was going to go naked for me, 
I didn’t have to wait long, in a blink of an eye he had taken his shorts and tee shirt and stood facing me naked and hard, I looked at his hard cock, “do I make you feel horny” 
His hand went to his cock and slowly he started to masturbate, “you bet mum” he replied looking at my shaven pussy, 
I smiled and climbed onto the bed, he watched as I lay down, slowly I opened my legs wide as they could go and he moved towards me, 
“Why don’t you come and lay with me” I asked him, 
“Can I mum” he sounded a little out of breath, 
“Sure you can” I held my hands out for him, 
He knelt between my legs and looked down on my pussy; I knew he wanted to fuck me, which was exactly what I wanted, 
“Be with me” I pulled him forward, 
My son laid on me and as our two naked bodies touched an electrical spark raced through my body like never before, slowly I stroked his naked body till our eyes meet, I pulled his lips to mine, 
“Let’s make love sweetheart” I took hold of his throbbing cock and guided it into my wanting pussy, he cried softly with pleasure as he pushed his cock deeper into me, 
“OMG” he called and I took hold of him bum and help him to trust his cock deep into me, slowly he started to pump me with a rhythmical action, he certainly knew how to fuck, I pushed his head onto my tits, he took my nipples and he sucked greedily one each in its turn, the feeling of being fucked was taking over my whole body, helping him to keep his rhythm I kept him riding me fast and smooth as you like, I knew from experience that my son would not last long because it was his first time with his mum, so I made sure I got as much pleasure as he was getting by feeling his nakedness on mine, he started to speed up and I knew he was getting near to his climax, 
“Ho mum, mum” he whispered in my ear, 
“It is OK sweetheart, make me happy” I held onto his bum as tight as I could so he could fuck me deeply, 
By now he was pumping my pussy with vigour and stamina of a young stud and I was loving every thrust of his cock inside me, 
“Oh mum” he cried out, 
“You cum sweetheart, mum wants you to come inside her” I begged him, 
I didn’t need to encourage him, I felt a thrust of his cock, he slowed then started to pump me with all of his sperm, I held onto him as his rhythm had changed to individual thrusts of his cock within me, then he went limp as I felt his whole weight on top of me, I knew me son had just fucked me and I was so happy, I cuddled him in my arms as he kept his cock deep inside me, gentle he raised his head and looked at me, 
“Was that nice sweetheart” I asked kissing him on the lips, 
“Mum, It was the best, I never thought that we would ever make love but now we have I love it” he said slightly out of breath, 
“Same for me sweetheart, I have wanted you inside me for a long time, and you have not disappointed” I said stroking his naked body “I hope we can do it again, would you like that”
“Mum, I want you more than anything in the world, I would like to make love all day if you like to” he asked looking into my eyes,
“Sweetheart, what are you waiting for, make your mum a very happy woman” I said helping him to go hard once more.