"Erotic Stories" Taking my sister for 1st time

Erotic Stories Taking my sister for 1st time
Susie’s my little sister, well step sister, my mom married again about six years ago and Susie came along as baggage. She was an annoying brat, I can’t tell you how much she got on my nerves, borrowing CD’s, losing my movies, generally just being a pain in the butt. 

Till about a year ago, when I started to see her in a new light. Susie would walk around the house wearing almost next to nothing some days, tiny hot pants showing her tight little ass cheeks peeking out, bikini tops, sometimes just wander around wearing nothing but a towel. She’s an attractive girl my sister, long tanned legs and blonde hair, really pretty blue eyes. I was certainly starting to appreciate that she’d grown into a lovely young girl, I imagined that quite a few guys must be interested in her. 

Anyway one scorching hot afternoon during the summer holidays she’d gone outside to sunbathe. I was in the kitchen getting something to drink, raiding the fridge for some cold beers. I caught sight of Susie out of the window and she motioned to me to bring her out a beer too. 

She was lying on the lounger, her long dark hair tied up in a pony tail, wearing the skimpiest little red bikini I think I’d ever seen. The bottom scarcely covered anything, just a tiny triangle of fabric and I could make out the slit of her pussy even from that distance. I wondered if she shaved herself and realized I’d love to find out. 

Watching her I felt myself harden and realised with horror my sister was turning me on. Well, only step sister I reminded myself. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and more so when I saw her remove her bikini top. When she popped out of the fabric, I could see she wasn’t exactly big up top but had pert firm little breasts, really quite small but perfectly shaped. It was almost more than I could stand, my cock was starting to ache now. I wanted her, badly.

Picking up the beers I went back outside and settled myself down beside her, trying to hide the bulge in my jeans. She adjusted herself slightly on the lounger and I noticed there was a bit of stubble, so she shaved down there!Taking my sister for 1st time

“What are you staring at?” she said and rolled over suddenly embarrassed. 

“It’s ok, don’t move on my account,” I told her. “I was enjoying the view actually.”

She sat up a shocked look on her pretty little face. 

“Danny, what do you mean?”

“I mean, well you’re beautiful lying there,” I said nervously, not sure how to proceed. My cock was still throbbing and straining behind my jeans. 

“You look uncomfortable,” Susie said suddenly and leant over, her tits brushing against my face, “Why don’t you loosen those? It’s not as though Mom and Dad are around.” She shot me the dirtiest of looks and I knew immediately that she was up for some fun as much as I was. 

I didn’t need asking twice and unzipped my jeans, holding eye contact with her as I slowly let down the zipper. She blushed just a little but didn’t look away. 

Before I knew what I was saying I asked her “You ever seen a guy’s cock before?”

“Eh … no,” she said, flushing a bright pink.

“Why don’t you touch it then? Pull it out?” I asked her, “Go on, take a look.”

I could see she was trembling slightly but her dark little nipples had hardened and a moist patch was spreading over the crotch of her bikini. Reaching over I took one of her nipples between my fingers and tweaked it ever so gently, then just a bit harder. She didn’t pull away from me but instead her head rolled back and she started to groan. I don’t know what had gotten into me, this was wrong, really wrong. Susie was my sister for crying out loud and here we were out in the garden with me tweaking her nipples and asking her to pull out my cock. 

If she’d never seen a guy before, chances were she was still a virgin and the thought of that nearly drove me senseless. When she reached inside my jeans and I felt her fingers nervously touch my hard on, I thought I might cum right there and then into her hand. I jumped up and pulled my jeans off, my cock springing out. Not to sound too big headed … No pun intended … But I’m fairly well hung, about 7 or 8 inches, and thick, that day though with the thought of being with Susie, I reckon it was more. 

Her eyes widened a mixture of shock and pleasure in her face, her mouth forming a little O shape. I sat back down beside her and kissed her running my hands over her tanned shoulders and brushing them across her tits. She resisted at first but after a couple of seconds I could feel her lips yield against mine and she started kissing back. Tentatively I reached down and rubbed her clit through the fabric of her bikini, yeah she was definitely moist down there, soaking in fact. My fingers were getting wet just stroking her through the bikini bottom.

Her hands went back to my cock, both of them and she started fondling it, looking at it with such an inquisitive expression I knew for a fact she’d never done this before. It was too wide for just one hand to go all the way around and she gasped as she realised the width of my cock. 

“It feels big,” she said so quietly it was nearly a whisper, her fingers running over the extended bulging head.

“Yeah little sis, it’s pretty big. But I reckon you can take it,” I told her, pushing on her clit a bit harder. 

“Oh! You mean we’re going to, you know, do it?” she asked, looking a bit scared. “We can’t do that Danny. That’s dirty, it’s not right.” Abruptly she let go of my dick and turned her head away, not able to look me in the face.

“Why not? You want to don’t you? And who better then me to teach you everything? You wouldn’t want some stranger pawing all over you would you?” as I said it, I realised that it was me who didn’t want some stranger with his hands all over her. If Susie was going to lose her virginity, it had better be to me, her big brother. 

I took her hand in mine and guided it back onto my dick, it was pulsing slightly and I held her hand there for a few moments until she wrapped her fingers around it again.

“Do you like it?” I asked

“Yeah. It feels nice,” she said giggling and smiling up at me. Her fingers caressed me more firmly and she brought up her other hand and began stroking my hairy balls, cupping them in her hand and looking at them closely. She’d never seen a man before, that was obvious and I sat back and let her examine me, parting my legs a bit wider to give her a better view. 

“You ok with this? We can stop if you want to.” I told her.

She didn’t reply but just kissed me again, that was all the permission that I needed. 

I got onto my knees beside her and pulled her bikini bottom off, chucking it onto the patio. Oh man, did she look good. She was still stretched out on the sunlounger, completely naked now. Her mound was shaved, but because she’s brunette, she seemed to have some stubble, although it felt smooth, it was just a light covering. Her pussy lips were parted slightly and her clit was peeping out, I pulled them back further to get a better look at her. Her virgin pussy was glistening slightly in the sun, her little pink rosebud clit sticking up in the air. I buried my head down between her legs and sucked on it, hard. I could hear her give a sharp intake of breath and another louder one as I found her entrance and pushed my middle finger up inside her, with my other hand stroking one of her little tits. 

“Oooowww,” was all she said as I gently inserted another finger into her pussy. With two fingers buried inside her I started to pump them in and out, slowly at first then faster. Susie lifted her butt into the air, the muscles of her pussy closing round my fingers. She was really moist down there, very juicy. I sucked on her clit pulling on it slightly with my teeth.

I kept this up for a couple of minutes till she was nice and relaxed.

“Susie? I want you to do something for me,” I said sitting up, her juices running down my chin. 

“Uh huh?” 

“You’re going to suck on my cock for a while.”

She sat up with a dreamy look on her face and I walked over and sat on one of the patio chairs, spreading my legs, fondling my rock hard cock in my hand, my balls in the other. 

“Come over here.” I told her.

She got off the lounger and crawled over to my seat. 

“Take it in your mouth. Like you would a lollipop.”

She got in front of me on her hands and knees, her cute ass stuck up in the air, her tits brushing across my knees as she opened her mouth and nervously put her lips on the very tip of my cock. Taking my sister for 1st time 2

“C’mon, you can do better than that, wrap you lips round it, suck on it.” I grabbed her ponytail twisting it in my hand and pulled her head down onto me. 

She made a sort of choking sound as my cock went in a little deeper than I’d meant, but I was dying for her now and I kept her head pinned there, forcing my cock into her mouth and down her throat. 

Susie did her best, but I am big and she kept gagging on it. Her cheeks were bulging and her little mouth was spread about as wide as it would go, her lips pulled wide apart to accommodate my cock. I’ll never forget the look on her face as she struggled to cope with the size of it and then tasted my precum.

I pulled out to give her a chance to catch her breath and watched her run her tongue over her lips. The top of my dick was dripping with precum and I took hold of her head and asked her to lick it off. Susie lapped at it with her tongue, catching the sticky fluid.

“Good girl. That’s it, that’s right,” I encouraged her.

She opened her mouth wider and sucked my cock back in, making slurping noises as it banged against the side of her mouth. Pulling her head down I felt my cock go deep into her mouth and into her throat, she started making little retching noises again choking as it slid further in.

Honest to God, I didn’t mean to cum, I did intend to hold back. But the sight of her there in front of me, her eyes like a frightened little rabbit, mouth stretched, gagging on my big dick … next thing I knew I was spurting into her mouth and down her throat. Streams of cum came shooting out of my cock, filling up her mouth, almost choking her.

She started to retch and my cum suddenly spurted back out her mouth and dripped all over her lips, running down her chin, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I reached down and caught some of the drips with my fingers and then shoved my fingers into her mouth,

“Lick it up, all of it.”

She sucked on my fingers hungrily licking up the spunk giggling as she did so and then I noticed what she was doing. She had one hand wedged underneath her, with a finger jammed up inside her pussy, bobbing up and down on top of it. 

Ok, it was definitely time. 

“Right little sis, let’s get this show on the road,” I said, getting up and walking back into the house pulling her by the hand behind me. 

We got into the kitchen and that was as far as I could go, my hard on was raging again despite just having shot my load into her mouth and I knew I couldn’t make it up the stairs to my bedroom.

I pulled her down onto the kitchen table face first and spread her legs wide with my other free hand, so she was straddled across the tabletop. This gave me a fine view of her plump little cunt, her bald pubes were slightly sticky with her juice. Gently I parted her pussy and saw her enticing pink hole, it looked slightly swollen and I ran my hand over her mound giving it a squeeze between my fingers.

“But Danny, someone might come in,” I heard her say.

“It’s ok, we’ve got enough time,” I said breathlessly, parting her butt cheeks with my hands and took in the sight of her tight brown asshole. Oh man I wanted to plunge my cock right up there into her ass, but I figured she probably wasn’t ready for that just yet. I sucked on my index finger to give a bit of lubrication then poked it up into her pussy, felt around inside her for a moment then pushed in the middle finger too. Her pussy was squidgy and hot, making delicious little slurping sounds as more juices started flowing.

She squirmed back, pushing against my fingers, her ass practically in my face.

“Oh Danny, feels gooooood,” she groaned, wriggling against my probing fingers.

“You ready for this sis? Just relax now.” I said, pushing the head of my cock against her opening. I pushed just a bit, met some resistance then pushed some more. She felt so tight, I’d only gotten the tip of my cock up into her and it was getting squeezed hard between her pussy lips. Easing it gently in wasn’t going to work, her opening was too small compared to the size of my engorged cock, so I told her to relax some more and plunged the head of it in as hard as I could. Finally her pussy gave way and I was in, damn it felt so tight, tightest little pussy I’d ever been up.

“Oh GOD!” Susie yelled and seemed to pull away, but I had her held fast against the table top and there was nowhere for her to go. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back, I had meant to go easy on her, be gentle, but I was out of control now and pumping into her as hard as I could. 

I knew it was her first time and really I should try and go slow but she kept bucking back against me, groaning and willing me on. I was pounding into her pussy my whole eight inches wedged hard inside her, her virgin cunt stretched to the limit. I kept slamming into her faster and harder, her body rocking beneath mine, her little boobs crushed onto the table top. I felt her legs give way beneath mine as I took her and held her up with my weight, one hand going under her and finding her little clit, rubbing on it furiously. With the other hand I had her head held back with her ponytail, whispering my thoughts into her ear.

“You’ve wanted this as much as me, say it Susie. You wanted to fuck your brother didn’t you? Say it Susie. SAY IT!”

I yanked her head back further, shoving my cock in as deep as it would go right up to the balls. 

“Yes Danny. Yes. I wanted it!” She screamed back.

Her ass was spread wide in front of me, her little puckered brown asshole staring up at me. I couldn’t help myself. Next thing I knew I was pushing against that tight little hole with one of my fingers.

Susie squirmed around and looked at me, her eyes wide as she realised I was trying to get a finger up her ass. At first she resisted, her hole tightening up against my probing finger, but finally it yielded and I got a finger in just past the tip. I rolled the top of my finger around the ring of her ass stretching it, then gave another poke and got it in a bit further. If her pussy had been tight it was nothing compared to how tight her asshole was, it clamped down on my finger so much that it nearly got pushed back out again. Susie was lying perfectly still now underneath me as if scared to move. With my cock still buried deep up her pussy and one of my fingers rammed up her ass I doubt she could have moved far anyway. 

“Relax,” I told her, “Don’t fight it, just push back a bit, let it in.”

She did her best to ease up and I was able to get a second finger into her butt.

“Aaaaaaagggghhh” she was groaning now and clutching the tabletop till her knuckles went white. 

Her asshole was wet and sticky and so damned tight, but her muscles relaxed enough to let me start pumping my fingers in and out, at the same time my cock was practically splitting her little pussy in two. 

“Oh GOD! Oh my god …” Susie had all but collapsed under me and I had a job to hold her up against the table. 

“Oh shit ….” Susie was shuddering underneath me.

Parting her butt cheeks I took a look. I had two fingers jammed up inside her butt and my cock buried in deep up to my balls inside her pussy. I leant down and took a deep breath, a lovely musky smell of her ass and sex mixed together. Her ass muscle clamped down on my fingers, like a ring of iron around them, I don’t think I could’ve gotten them out even if I’d wanted to. Her pussy lips were spread wide to accommodate my cock, the virgin skin stretched and straining.

“You like it?” I managed to ask, “You like my fingers up inside your ass?”

“Yeah, ooooooh yeah, feels good,” she groaned, bringing one hand off the table she went underneath herself and found her clit.

“That’s right rub your clit Susie, rub it real hard,” I could feel her fingers groping at her own pussy and my already engorged cock hardened just a bit more.

God this felt so dirty, here I was with my step sister spread eagled across the kitchen table giving her her first fuck, two fingers wedged deep up her asshole. She was bucking so hard underneath me I was pushed back for a second and my cock popped out, slippery and wet with her juices. Grabbing it I shoved it back in, this time with far less resistance, she’d been stretched real good from the pounding she’d just gotten.

The tingling in my balls and groin told me I was close, the walls of her tight pussy clamped back around me and I felt a rush as I exploded into her, spurting wads of hot cum up inside her. Her muscles kept up their iron grip squeezing out more and more of my jizz, she was draining every last drop out of my balls.

Susie was so far gone now she was incoherent, she kept cursing and gasping underneath me. Her little tits were squashed hard against the table top, I managed to get one hand under her and pulled on one her nipples, as the last drop of cum shot into her pussy. We lay gasping on top of the table for several minutes, both completely spent, breathing heavily. She was still pinned under me, my cock stuck up her sopping wet pussy and my fingers were still up her asshole. I’d just given my sister her first ever fuck.

I pulled out to survey the damage, her pussy looked a bit raw to be honest, with cum running out of her now widened hole and down her long legs. Her asshole definitely looked a bit sore and red. I told her to stay as she was straddled over the table and squatted down behind her. A delicious mixture of her juice and cum dribbled down onto my face as I gently sucked up the liquid, running my tongue over her swollen pussy, licking clean her sticky blonde pubes. I felt a bit guilty about being so rough on her and told her to stay there while I got some cream. Rummaging around in a drawer I found some of Mum’s cold cream and went back over to the table. Susie had turned over and was lying on top of the table on her back. 

“Spread your legs sweetheart,” I told her and she dutifully pulled them apart for me.

“Bring your knee’s up,” I asked and she lifted her legs up high exposing herself completely to me.

Gently I took some of the cold cream and spread it over her pussy, Susie sighed and closed her eyes at the sensation of the cool cream on her hot sore flesh. I took a dollop of the cream and ran it over the crack of her ass, working it into her sore asshole. I couldn’t resist poking a finger up her little hole and her eyes flew open at the sudden entry.

Just in time I heard the car pull into the driveway, Mom and Dad had come back. I quickly removed my finger from her ass and Susie jumped down off the table.

“Thanks Danny,” she whispered and planted a little kiss on my lips.

I knew then that this would be the first of many fucks I’d have with my sister.